Lower Extremity


The reVERTO system is a complete portfolio of dynamic compression staples indicated for arthrodesis, osteotomies and skeletal fixation procedures. reVERTO Staples are body temperature activated and do not require external heat activation.  The use of thermal Nitinol, a shape memory alloy, allows reVERTO to provide continuous and active compression at the surgical site.

• Immediate Activation – The reVERTO Shape Memory Staple System is body temperature activated-providing instantaneous and constant compression from the moment they are implanted.


• Constant Compression – Unlike mechanical staples, reVERTO staples never lose compression because of their unique thermal, body temperature activated properties.


• Unique Low Profile Design – reVERTO staples occupy very little surface area compared to plates and screws creating excellent pre and post-op visualization of the joint, osteotomy or fracture site.  


• Ease of Use – Simplified procedure may save valuable OR and anesthesia time compared to plates and screws.  


• Multiple Indications – reVERTO’s expansive size portfolio make it the ideal option for multiple procedures including:


 - Akin Osteotomies

 - Chevron/Sustin Bunion Osteotomies

 - Dwyer Osteotomies

 - MP, Lapidus, NC, T/N, C/C & Lisfranc Arthrodeses


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